Star Council 2021-2022













The Star Council Award recognizes outstanding achievement in membership, insurance and service program activities. To be eligible to earn the Star Council Award, a council must qualify for all three other awards.

The requirements to achieve the Star Council Award are as follows:

1) Achieve the Father McGivney Award requirements

2) Achieve the Founders’ Award requirements

3) Achieve the Columbian Award requirements

4) In order to qualify for any awards, Councils must not be suspended by the Supreme Council office for nonpayment of per capita, Catholic Advertising, or supply charges.

5) To qualify for these awards, a council must have submitted its Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) and its Service Program Personnel Report (#365).CLICK HERE FOR MORE SAFE ENVIRONMENT INFORMATION





Father McGivney Award Requirements:

  1. Achieve membership quota.5% Net Growth in Membership
    • Reduced from 7%Minimum 3 – Maximum 20
      • Reduced from 4 – 35
  2. Additions will be credited for new members, juvenile to adult membership, reinstatements, reactivations, readmissions and reapplications received, processed, and recorded at the Supreme Council office between July 1 and June 30.
  3. Deductions to be charged against the quota include all suspensions and withdrawals processed and recorded at the Supreme Council office between July 1 and June 30.
  4. Net gain or loss to be affected only by items (b) and (c) in this section.

Transfers in or out of the Council and deaths will not be counted toward or against the quota. Monthly reports reflecting membership gains and losses will be supplied to each District Deputy, Grand Knight, Financial Secretary,  and Membership Director.

(Note: New Councils must meet the required membership quota. New Council quota is based upon the number of members recorded on the Notice of Institution, minimum 30 members required.)

Achievement of the membership quota will be automatically determined at the Supreme Council office by membership transactions received, processed, and recorded by June 30.

There is no application form to be completed for the Father McGivney Award.



Columbian Award

Complete and submit  the Columbian Award Application (SP7) found in theCouncil Report Forms Booklet (#1436) or at Councils must conduct and report at least four major programs in each of the Service Program categories: Church, community, council, family, culture of life, and youth. Completed applications must reach the Supreme Council office by June 30.


newfoundersawardFounders’ Award – Insurance

  • Host, promote two Fraternal Benefit Seminars
    • Removed Quota of 2.5% and Min 3 – Max 18
    • No attendee minimum but seminar must be promoted
    • Can do joint seminars with other councils

Fraternal Benefits Seminar

  • In-Person or Digital Meetings
  • Councils “Host” and Promote to their Members
  • Agents use Prepared and Approved Presentation
  • Council Participation is Reported by Agents
  • Promotes Member Benefits and Engagement

(Note: all membership and insurance transactions must be received, processed, recorded and released at the Supreme Council office by June 30.)

To qualify, membership transactions and ceremonial reports must be received, processed and recorded by the Supreme Council office by close of business of the last working day of June (EST).