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Forms due in January:

1.  January 31 Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity. (#1728) REQUIRED FOR STAR COUNCIL
 Partnership Profile with Special Olympics (#4584)

CLICK HERE for program timelines and due date for forms.  Essay Contest, Poster Contest, Freethrow Contest, State Awards, Star Council

Essay Contest open to all Catholic students — in public, private or parochial schools — in grades 8,9,10,11 and 12 during the current school year.

July/August: Councils, assemblies and circles order Knights of Columbus Essay Contest Kits from the Supreme Council Office.

August/September: Councils, assemblies and circles contact schools to secure cooperation. At this time the date, place and means of recognizing winners should be determined.

September/October: Students write essays. Essays should be submitted to judges by October 15.

October/November: Judges review essays for council level.

The Essay Contest council participation form (#4216) for the council level  should be filled out and sent to the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Services by January 30.

December/January: District Judging if necessary

February/March: State judging. Essays due to the Supreme Council for international judging by April 15.  Jurisdiction winners should be recognized at the state convention or another jurisdiction event.


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